Guilt-free food
from a vending machine?

Energizing lunches and snacks right when you need them.

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I just hit the
afternoon wall

And my meeting starts in 23 minutes.  It’s not like I have time to run across the street to the deli.

Plus, I still have to get my head back in the numbers from last week, so that I don’t look completely lost in front of everyone.


As if this day hasn’t been long enough already.

Ok, focus!  I gotta suck it up, get a jolt of energy, something…

Maybe I just need more caffeine

5th cup today, that’s not bad is it?  Cheryl just sent that article about caffeine addiction and how it’s not real energy. I’m guessing a fifth cup is probably not a good idea.

Actually, I’m hungry!  And a little bit cranky. Like those Snickers bar commercials…

Ok, no more caffeine today. I’ll just run down to the machine and get a snack…

Do I really want to spike and crash again?

I did this to myself last week. 2 candy bars and a bag of chips to make that deadline.

Why can’t fast & convenient also equate to good for you ?

I always regret the junk food fix.

‘Steve the Trainer’ says I was spiking my insulin. Feeding my body with empty carbs.

Yeah Steven, I know…

Easy for you though. You just chill out at the gym all day with a fridge full of perfect food. Some of us work crazy long hours and have zero time to do food prep.

Ok, settle down. It’s not Steve’s fault. Don’t start turning on Steve…

I just need something to get me through this meeting without feeling tired & guilty later…

What if the vending machine
had healthier choices?

What if I could trade the sugar crash and guilt-trip for sustained energy through my workday?

We’re glad you asked…

Welcome to True Health Vending.

  • Keep your Commitments

    It makes no sense to eat well all day, only to cave in when the afternoon wall hits. True Health Vending machines have you covered.

  • Maintain Energy Levels

    Your Power Meeting requires a Power Snack. Try one of our delicious salads, sandwiches or cold pressed juices.

  • Onsite Convenience

    The afternoon wall always seems to hit on the busiest of days. Not to worry when one of our guilt-free vending machines is nearby.  All you need is a few minutes to eat right.

  • Real Energy

    Forget the spike and crash cycle. Make it through the end of the day with a choice of whole grains, lean proteins or fresh fruits and veggies.

  • Protect your Waistline

    It’s the sugar-filled carbs that get us all. Make a better choice with one of our guilt-free meal replacements. Your jeans will thank you.

  • Fast & Easy

    Short on time or cash? Our modern machines make it fast and easy, accepting debit/credit, GooglePay or ApplePay.

  • Heart Healthy

    You build your career one day at a time. Same goes for your health. Eating well protects your heart so that you can go the distance and look good doing it!

  • Energy for Evening Workouts

    How often have you ditched the evening workout because you were too tired? A healthy afternoon snack makes it much more likely you’ll make it to the gym.

A productivity revolution

Workplace productivity doesn’t just happen. Especially in the afternoons when grogginess sets in and the mind starts to wander and wear down.

Propel your employees (and yourself) over the ‘afternoon wall’ with a vending solution that doesn’t leave everyone crashing by 4:15.

True Health’s Guilt-Free Vending™ machines are the ideal way to maximize afternoon workplace productivity with energy-driving meal replacement options.

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